Author Topic: Read Before Posting!  (Read 2677 times)

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Read Before Posting!
« on: September 24, 2009, 04:42:18 AM »
Welcome to 'Bug Reports' section. Here you can report all possible bugs in AdSenseBoy software, so they can be successfully fixed in next release.

Here are simple rules to follow when reporting bug. If you don't follow any of these rules, your report will be deleted.

1. Report one bug per topic. Even if you believe there are more possible bugs, please report only one bug per topic. Create new forum topic for each possible bug in order to make bugs tracking easier.

2. Write product name. Be sure to describe which tool has possible bugs, so I can check it immediately.

3. Provide as much information as possible. The more descriptive your report will be, the sooner bug will be fixed. Copy/paste all error messages (if any) and provide other details you believe to be useful.

4. Check user tutorial and knowledgebase first. If you see one or more error messages, most likely you did something wrong and solution to your problem is explained in user guide or knowledgebase. Only new and real bugs should be reported here.

That's all. Happy using AdSenseBoy software!
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